We are a multidisciplinary and independent design studio since 1999, in constant motion and transformation.

MgComunicació creates commercial identities, packaging, signale systems, websites, applications, advertising campaigns, books, corporate interior design and objects for clients, the public and for ourselves.

We focus on the essential: the concept. That is why each of our projects has an expression that makes it unique. We always work closely with our clients and we have experimented with design with more than 2,754 projects.

How we think

The best projects with the best results always have excellent personal relationships. The direct you to you, without filters, provides consistency and excellence is achieved.

It is true that the current mission of design cannot do without environments such as marketing, economy, the market, etc., if the relationship with the client is not fluid or transparent, the results are more rigid and comfortable.

The “Flow” has to work, the “Feeling” brings confidence, allows you to break down barriers and achieve more creative and much more effective results. The value of face to face, of the bond in personal relationships, is not a whim, it has been demonstrated with our work since 1999.

The creative process begins to listening, speaking, explaining and sharing with you; about our methodology, your way of seeing things and future projects. It is a job that should be explained in person. Basically, because we are people. You and us. And first of all, this so subtle that we call chemistry has to work.

We combine creativity, design, strategy and technology.
Nothing else.
No more no less.

How we work

There is a lot of BLA, BLA, BLA in the word “Design”. For us, design is synonymous with project, the plan. The aesthetic results of a project are the consequence of objectives sought in the design process and that often include other values.

MgComunicació has been working to achieve business goals for nearly two decades. We avoid aesthetic makeups to delve into the reality of each project we want our work to pick up real fruits for our customers economy.

Flexibility, agility, commitment to our projects and alignment of interests among all people, companies, entities and / or institutions is what creates a strong flow of energy. This working method allows the team to adapt to the expectations of each client, with lower costs and the technical characteristics and commercial models of different projects.

Design & more


We focus on the essential.
Each of our projects has an expression that makes it unique.

_Art direction
_Corporate identity
_Editorial design

Web & online

Designed for the user, but intended for analysis and positioning.

_Web architecture
_Web Strategy
_SEO and SEM
_Social media
_Community management


The greater our ability to assume the reality of customers, the more easily we will relate.

_Campaign ideas
_Corporate events
_Brand positioning
_Seduce customers


We are people of our word.
We find those that best define each project.

_Communication plans
_Media planning


Since 1999 we have the best partners and together we cover the 360º that constitutes a brand.

_Mothion Graphics
_Visual comunication

More than 20 years

Every step is important

1999. MgComunicació is born in Igualada, Barcelona.

2002. First multinational client.

2004. We participated in the birth of GDZ. A Printing company with provides direct services and have control over production.

2005. The first awards arrive.

2007. We become a 360º global studio.
Branding, Editorial Design, Digital Design, Illustration, Naming, Advertising Campaigns, Packaging, Printing, Signale, Strategy, Corporate decoration, Ephemeral spaces, Exhibitions, Corporate Stands, Web Design, Content.

2011. Projects came from outside our borders.

2015. Digital Online projects are matched with Offline.

2020. With the pandemic we are reinventing new communication channels.

2021. Corporate space and decoration projects are growing, increasingly integrated into the brand identity.

Today. We have a great creative history of more than 2,819 projects.

Tomorrow. We can help your company and your products.


Awards do not change from day to day, but they are an adrenaline rush.

1st Prize WorldStar Packaging Awards 2019
(World Packaging Organization) for the best home product packaging.

1st Prize Liderpack 2018
(Packaging & PLV Awards) for the best home product packaging.

Special Liderpack Award 2018
(Packaging & PLV Awards) from the sustainability packaging jury.

Communication Award 2012
Barcelona Provincial Council.
Award for the best iniciative in municipal communication from the Local Communication Awards.

1st Prize Korazza 2010
(Award for the best Spanish associative magazine of the year).

1st Prize Letra 2006
(Spanish national awards for visual communication and environment graphics) for the best corporate image application.

1st Prize Anuaria 2005
(Spanish graphic design awards) for the best exterior signale

Finalist 2005 Anuaria Award
(Spanish graphic design awards) for the best graphic image (logo or brand) of a product, service or activity.


Team and collaborators

Miquel Gleyal
Gemma Roca
Eduard Vilella | GDZ
Carles Reverter 

Jordi Romeu
Miquel López
Josep Balcells
Carles Gómez
Elena Belló

c. Capellades 16
08700 Igualada
Tel. +34 93 804 15 02


Some customers

Àgora Sant Cugat International School
Airpharm, Logistics Care
Alco Grupo Empresarial
Ambiens, Gestió de Recursos Ambientals
Armand’s Catering
Asociación de Profesionales de Shiatsu de España
Avícola Lleonart
Bactemia Biotechnology Innovation
Bernadet Logistics
Cadena Cope
Cafès Novell
Calaf Grup
Caldes de Boí
Campus Motor Anoia
Campus Universitari Igualada
Caves Olivé Batllori
Celesa, Celulosa de Levante
Centre Comercial La Vila
Cluster Leather Barcelona
Col·legi de Farmacèutics de Barcelona
Consell Comarcal de l’Anoia
Consell Comarcal del Berguedà
Crea Multimedia
Diputació de Tarragona
Distribuidora Farmacológica
Dorsan Filtración
Dosi Dermo
Emerson Industrial Automation
Fira Barcelona
Fira Igualada
Font Packaging Group
Forpol Estructuras
Giave Printing and converting machinery
Gobierno de España

Grup Fábregas
Grupo Giner
Grupo Ham
Grupo Intercom
Grupo Miquel & Costas
Indoor Karting Barcelona
Infarma Barcelona, Congrès europeu de farmàcia
Interfat, Natural Oils
Kook Barcelona
Labin, Abonos especiales
Leds C-4
Marc Gené
MB Papeles
Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social
Mutua de Terrassa
Osborne & Clarke
Paellador Group
Piensos Yak
Saeco Iberica
Salló Kyra
SPF Specialized Furniture
Tedisel Medical
Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Unió Empresarial de l’Anoia
Universitat de Lleida – UdL
UPC, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya