MG Comunicacio

We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in the city of Igualada (Barcelona). MgComunicació creates commercial identities, packaging, signage systems, websites, applications, advertising campaigns, books, design of corporate interiors and objects for clients, the public and ourselves. We focus on the essential: the concept. That is why each project that we undertake has an expression that makes it unique. We always work closely with our customers, where we have been experimenting with design since 1999.

What makes us different

Design’s current mission cannot disregard environments such as marketing, economics, the market, advertising, public relations, media in general. The aesthetic results of a project are the consequence of objectives sought in the design process and that often include other values. Design is synonymous with the project, the plan. Therefore the corporate image, which people think is totally influenced by communication policy. MgComunicació has been working to achieve business goals for nearly two decades. We flee from aesthetic makeups to delve into the reality of each project and that our work bears real fruit in the economy of our clients.

How we do it

In Silicon Valley the majority of companies are small companies that think like large companies; they are all global, even if the average is two to four employees. These small companies are aligned with the interests of their entire network of partners: lawyers, accountants, journalists, public relations, photographers, advertising agencies... This is the new way to develop projects in the 21st century. Flexibility, agility, commitment to our projects and alignment of interests among all people and/or companies is what creates a strong flow of energy. This work formula allows the team to adapt to the expectations of each client, with lower costs and the technical characteristics and commercial models of different projects.

What we do


WorldStar Packaging Awards 2019

1er WorldStar Packaging Awards (World Packaging Organisation) for the best product packaging for the household.

1er Liderpack Award. (Packaging & PLV Awards) for the best product packaging for the household.

Liderpack Special Award.(Packaging & PLV Awards) of the sustainability jury in packaging.

1st Letra Award. (National award for visual media and graphics) for the best application of corporate image.

1st Anuaria Award. (Spanish graphic design awards) for best exterior sign and signage.

Anuaria Finalist Award. (Spanish graphic design awards) for best graphic image (logo or brand) of a product, service or activity.

1st Korazza Award. (Award for best Spanish magazine association of the year)

Media Award Barcelona Provincial Council. Award for the best initiative in Municipal Media from the Local Media Awards of the Diputació de Barcelona.

Team and partners

Miquel Gleyal Creative

Gemma Roca Administration

Alfons Soldevila Account manager

Carles Reverter Digital media websites

Eduard Vilella Production and printing

Jordi Romeu SEO & SEM Social Media

Josep Balcells Photography and video

Carles Gómez Contents

Elena Belló Translation and correction